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screendeath summersong

by Woodland Telegraph

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screens 03:01
A new day is coming up It’s on the asphalt it’s Spinning wheels it’s Exhausting just to watch it unfold Through it all the parts Work together they Work together like A puzzle of machine And woman moving I’ve got two feet to walk Through this traffic dance Get to work on time And work for the rest of my life Janet’s pregnant She works the cash Tells a joke and feels sick now For the rest of her life Sees the screens Instead of their eyes Sees the screens Instead of their eyes And at night The stars look like a million embers Burning slowly above the city I wander through The miles of endless merchandise Step into the parking lot Stare into the darkness of the night That hangs over me Just like the days when the circuits sing They found a way to make everything Digital breathe in time With your life Will I see the screens Instead of their eyes See the screens The pixels are pulling apart at the seams
I’m in the forest now It’s such a long way back To the screens and shelves Feel the pull of the river through us These eyes are mine here they Don’t see the screens now I’m Alone with the sound of the highway Feel the pull of the places behind me It’s such a long way back You wait in the parking lot Forests on the edge of factories Sleep comes so easy here With the branches above my eyes Can’t buy and waste this time Forests on the edge of factories Running through the underbrush into sleep Dreams come through a field of industrial light Will your circuits sing this time? We walked the train bridge high Throw a question to the wind, I Godscreen going to let me be tonight Will you come with me? Where I can hear the sound of it Through the darkness I hear the water it Falls away and lights a path The wires were tangled We never looked back
pixelate 03:06
The night sits alone Splits the tone Dial again and walk the streets Lit the phone Voices in the air Above your head Where footsteps The overpasses stare At the cars below The night splits The darkness I watch the years of mine go by Heard the sirens Through the night Where you’re walking home Where I sit alone Count the cars And the transport trucks below Your call lit my phone Fell away from the pixels of my face Are worn What am I if not: A box of pixelated Bones in the end? Screens with worn out faces When I die My information lives on Forever The streets are bare You’re walking around The people stare at their own two feet A screen goes by of another life Then another screen goes by of mine Your call lit my phone The pixels of these places Changed their shape And walk out the door The factories awake And the traffic change Smokestacks in an open sky That’s torn It’s just another day To work forever And through the parking lot The dark comes When my circuits stop When I die Pixelate my mind
factory work 03:33
I awake before sun comes up I see the last of my dreams Shake them off with a morning smoke No one is talking on the bus As the sun breaks through A Monday morning Who is manning these machines Who is running this show I wish I could shake their hands That I am keeping free From this old work Free from toiling here Just another day in the factory working Another day building pieces of something When I die put my ashes out back And the weeds will grow Above the smokestack breath Above the dirty water I saw the last of the light Above the Speed River, I Walked along the powerlines Out of touch Out of time When I die I’ll be down there Working in a factory Working as a factory worker I don’t see the light of the day I walk past machines Bigger than the house where I live I don’t feel anything Through dirty windows I watch Night shift comes too quick To take me Through the streets Passed the burnt out buildings Late at night still operating The sounds of thunderous machinery I don’t care the nights the same Sit in here, always waiting But soon I can feel the dawn Is breaking up the night Smoke on the river rising
godscreen 01:13
011001110110111 10110010001110011 011000110111001001 100101011001010 1101110
I had a dream that I was dying I went outside and lay down in the grass I felt that’s all I’d ever have I laid there and watched All the dew on the blades Shine in the streetlights Wandered around the places Burned in my mind Wandered around that place I wasn’t scared I was lit by the beauty I saw And when I awoke, I forgot What it’s like To feel Fighting for the Feeling All those places are gone All those people you knew Working, living, dreaming their day long There’s nothing you can do Don’t leave, wont you stay for awhile Breathe it in, wont you Love it one more time Back from where you came And where you’re bound Fighting for the feeling A time will come when death Will wash ashore and end my wandering A river dawns, and pulls us on I saw a fire left burning You wander through the night Saw the spirit smoke Walk to the light now In the morning, one more time awake Until it’s time to go Fighting for the feeling
sunset down 00:45
01110011 01110101 01101110 01110011 01100101 01110100 00100000 01100100 01101111 01110111 01101110 00100000 00001010
summerblood 03:34
Oh summer time The light through the glass With winters dying breath We wait for it now We waded through the grass Tracks where our feet would fall To follow Old Hespeler water tower Through rusted factory light Train tracks the sunset down We chased stealing daylight When I knew you like songs We ran through the night Right through you The fire lit our shadows in the trees Could I hold you To promises I knew you couldn’t Keep time in the dying light In the Summerblood We spilled out running through The streets were red with sun Until the night would come Through the treetops tied Where the moon is pulling you And the wind held you inside And we waited there for you To cool your Summerblood Now wait for years To turn this around We walk the traintracks high When the acid breaks And factories fell apart And the river shakes In time with the painted dawn The traffic awakes The forests were gone In the time that it takes To breathe The fire lit our shadows in the trees Grew dark And the promises that kept us on our knees River run through everything We’ve seen your black night shimmering The moon would rise reflections shine We would keep on wandering Through the town And we waited there for you To cool your Summerblood
I will fall away from my life The day that I am gone for good I will see the godscreen And I will wade the water Cold and deep Soon a stream of numbers Flooding Will freeze my hands And froze my feet I will fall away Will fall
follow free 03:40
Can you remember Before the screens? We would run through The factory fields Empty and wondering But time got its claws in you Killed the last of my dreams Everyday I’m working Until the sun cuts through The smokestack choking To breathe in what I need I’ll follow The faint golden light To find out what I lost Out there on the edge of night It’s calling me From the aisles into the street I’ll follow Follow until I’m free I was the light in you Walking to work in the morning Saw the sun On the concrete Burn so brightly The night wore through All the places that I’ve been I followed you Your sun Burn so brightly Now I’m Locking up the doors And dreaming Looking to the north Walking on the concrete singing Powerlines and dodging traffic A river changing course Pieces of the dreaming stars Lost to all the pain Wonder where you are All these places look the same I’ll follow the faint golden light
When you sat alone You were staring like a ghost The screens were all shattered In the freezing winter’s wind The cold breath you expired A string of numbers bit by bit Left the front door open wide A spine of snow drifted inside Come set your burden down Lay the ashes of yourself The screens were all shattered A sky of black & broken birds Back then the golden voices Hushed and held out in the wires Moved slow above the town Hearing every single word In the morning sun I gathered all the wires that grew around me I pulled them from the walls and let the Darkness rain It’s frozen in your mind Bit by bit the springtime Melts away the winter time Awake and breathing the numbers out I’ve seen a light that shines Bit by bit you watched it fade A river running through the broad daylight You wanted it new You couldn’t wait Saw your reflection the first time
The faint golden light Moves so quick through the trees And the factories Awake the night Drop a silver thread That I can follow Oh god don’t leave It’s a sight/sound Not everyone can see How the night wears a hole In the places that you go It’s only in your mind In the places people Change their face in time To the screen Tied to your breath Wander this dying town There’s nothing left Down by the floodwalls Broken glass, reflected buildings Watch the hydro-tower sunset And the night comes Clean above the chemical river Where the faint golden light was A bird on the rooftop Getting larger then leaving In the fray of the dawn In the cool of the evening Your shadows grew long Getting larger then leaving How it painted the air The changing of seasons You were never quite there Getting larger then leaving In the river that’s flowing through dawn In the small piece of time you’ve been given You can take what you need and move on Getting larger then leaving In the factory night of your darkness How we met in a dream that was moving Saw a bird on the rooftop Singing
Early in my mind When things began to change Instead of seeing flowers Blooming in the spring Instead of seeing birds Perched on fire escapes I’m seeing what the April Showers really bring There was a forest Of wires in my mind There was a change Coming down the line There is a light Shining on through The harder times Sometimes it ain’t right To take all the blame For springtime computers 01110100011010000110000 10110111001101011001000000 11110010110111101110101


Join Woodland Telegraph on the final album in their Canadian Landscape Triilogy as they explore screen culture in a pixelated landscape of folks songs.

While the preceding albums in the trilogy explored the Rocky Mountains and prairies, SCREENDEATH SUMMERSONG steps into a world where the lines between nature and technology are blurred. Travel through a landscape where circuitry grows from trees, folk songs melt into pixels and we see screens instead of people’s eyes. These are folk-roots songs about constant digital connection; about what happens to our online lives when we die. Songwriter Matthew Lovegrove set out to explore screen culture through the lens of Canadiana roots music: “We spend so much of our waking life on screens, but there doesn’t seem to be any folk songs about it. I wanted to create a musical and lyrical landscape where I could engage with these ideas in a meaningful way”

Woodland Telegraph hack the folk genre by mixing in field recordings from big box stores and ambient soundscapes, creating a world where folk music blends with the digital. From hazy summer pop songs like summerblood to the darker roots sound of factory work; Woodland Telegraph shine a light on our digital age with rich imagery and harmonies. By the second half, we move closer to the heart of the album where we have a choice: to fully embrace our lives on screen, or find another way.


released March 15, 2016

mike cashin- all things sound & percussion
dano okano- ebow electric guitar
matthew lovegrove- screendeath songs
tyler thompson-drums
eric mosher- bass
lindy gray-vocals
erin ronningen-vocals

chelsea sleep-fiddle
matt cavers- saxophone
anna lumiere- accordian
dustin culver- spoken word
ian mcclatchie-lapsteel

Recorded by mike cashin at Crew Studio, Recording Room & matt lovegrove on location in Gibsons, BC

Album Art- Meghan Hildebrand-LOVE ATTACK
Kim Dorland- EASTVIEW SEV #2


all rights reserved



Woodland Telegraph Gibsons, British Columbia

woodland telegraph's Canadian Landscape Trilogy

A series of Canadian concept albums that map out the landscape of Canada in song




"These songs are Canada, seen in her finest light"- HEROHILL (R.I.P)
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